Introducing: Lukas & Rick

Category: Couple News

Based in São Paulo, the lovebirds have been dating for a little over a year-and-a-half, having gone from exchanging messages online to meeting in the flesh – and figuring out that in the flesh is way better. Their relationship, they say, is characterized by lots of affection, love and lots of sex. “We live in a very companionable relationship; we help each other on a daily basis and we’re always together for all situations.”

Much like their relationship, love and affection are central to their sex life – that is, along with plenty of X-rated public escapades and a penchant for rougher, harder fucking. “We usually like to do different positions during sex, always varying during the act, but for the most part sometimes we enjoy on all fours, on our stomachs or sitting, and we love oral sex and penetration with force (watch their intense Lustery debut for a front row seat for all of the above). And when it comes to playing outside the bedroom, they list parks, streets, public restrooms, clothing store fitting rooms, civil constructions and an open-air rooftop surrounded by several other buildings as just a few of the places where they’ve gotten it on.

A typical day in their sex life is led by desire and they say that they usually have sex at least four times a week, if not more. And while they’re not into toys or kink accessories (“We have nothing against toys, but for now we prefer more natural sex and enjoying each other,” they say), one prop they never resist bringing into their most intimate moments is camera to record all the action. Introduced to Lustery by fellow couple Thie and Davis, they say, “We like to share adventures and we are always willing to discover new things. Lustery will give us the opportunity to show some of these adventures and be able to share our intimate moments with a lot of companionship, affection, love and sex.”

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