Introducing: Lila & Noir

Category: Couple News

Although Berlin-based pair Lila and Noir couldn’t have known it at the time, their fateful meeting while both travelling in the north of India a few years ago might have had something to do with the beautiful relationship they share today. As they put it, “We had a beautiful time together, although after that life became a bit busy for the both of us and we could not meet as we were living in different countries. After not being in contact for a long time, we met again in Berlin and got to know each other deeply throughout the quarantine.”

These days, their time is spent joking around, exploring and going on adventures in nature. “Besides the fun, we value honesty as the base of trust and giving each other the freedom to experience ourselves. Speaking about our desires and communication are very important to us.” It’s this trust, honesty and vulnerability that allows the bisexual babes to enjoy an open relationship – something that they describe as beautiful, freeing and sometimes challenging.

“As a bisexual couple, we also enjoy switching roles,” they say. “There is no patriarchy in our relationship, and this is what we love the most. Lila loves using the strap-on and our favourite position is being penetrated is from behind. We also enjoy rimming each other as much as we can, bondage and BDSM, spanking, hair pulling and face slapping… and, of course, cuddling!” Oh, and don’t forget outdoor sex, cross-dressing, toys and all sorts of anal play.

“We have sex as often as possible but we don’t have a typical routine as we are always experimenting and changing. It depends on how we feel on the day: sometimes we it’ll be cuddly, sensual lovemaking, sometimes we are experimenting with BDSM, toys and rope play,” they say. They love exploring everything from rough and intense to sensual and sweet – and best of all, now Lustery is on this journey with them!

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