Introducing: Lila & Antonio

Category: Couple News

Lila and Antonio Starzi’s on-screen chemistry is so undeniable, it’s as if they’ve known each other their whole lives…

Turns out they pretty much have! The couple recount how they first met in school when they were just 13 years old. Lila had just dyed her hair black and Tony went up to her to tell her it would be cool to add pink tips. Not only did Lila agree with this adorable fashion tip but the two became fast friends… Emphasis on ‘friends’! “We became best friends and would hang out and go on adventures all the time,” says Lila, laughingly adding that that didn’t stop her from friend-zoning Antonio hard until they were about 18 years old.

“Finally, we had sex for the first time – it was amazing, fun and he gave me my first orgasm,” she says. And that incredible first orgasm was enough to keep her coming back for more, they joke. “We started having sex all the time and fell deeply in love with each other.”

While they were learning more about each other and experiencing other important shared firsts, they discovered camming along the way. “We began camming about six years ago and we quickly found out that we love sharing our kinky sex life for thousands to watch and enjoy,” they confess.

As well as allowing them to share their most intimate moments with an audience eager to see more (watch their steamy Lustery debut and you’ll understand why), being on camera and engaging with that world also broadened their own sexual horizons, particularly in terms of BDSM. “We thought we were kinky before but we hadn’t scratched the surface,” they laugh.

These days, however, they’re a lot surer of their kinky credentials and excited to continue sharing their erotic adventures. “We have so many amazing plans for our future that include travelling all around the US and eventually the world, going on amazing outdoor adventures like hiking, biking and camping, and sometimes all three at once while making hot sexy videos in the remote wilderness. We hope to inspire others as well as grow ourselves while exploring the world along with our sexuality, so come along for the ride.”