Introducing: Knotty & Koras

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“We had known of each other for many moons, however, we officially met each other during the COVID-19 quarantine,” they say. They credit sex work twitter with helping them realize they were in the same industry – the first of a string of similarities that would eventually lead to a powerful romance and “the decision to invest in each other full time”.

The pair teasingly tell us that their favourite things are creating art, ice cream, skating, thrifting, talking shit, and wrestling (well, each other anyway) but when it comes to their relationship, there’s something much more profound there. Describing their connection as intricate, functional, challenging and nutritional, they say, “Anytime anything good happens to one of us, we're the first person we tell. Whenever we need support and a strong shoulder to lean on, we are there for each other. We are infinitely proud to walk around with each other, holding hands together, and seeing other people check us out constantly, because we know we are each other’s person.”

It’s a natural and easy intimacy that has been present since the fiery first time they met in person. Koras says, “It was midnight, Knotty and I were awake and horny and had been FaceTiming for several hours. Knotty took a ride-share from way across the city to my home and we met right outside and smooched immediately upon greeting each other in person for the very first time. The night resulted in a very enthusiastically intense, rough and aggressive sexual marathon.”

That incendiary first time set the stage for plenty of red-hot fucking to come. These days the pair love mutual masturbation, anal, rimming, cream pies, facials, face sitting, hardcore fucking, deep-throating, a Daddy/baby dynamic, BDSM, hand and foot fetishism, impact

Play, as well as pleasure-peaking positions aplenty. “We also have an interest in experimenting with electrostimulation, cuckolding with willing participants, Japanese bondage, wax play, water sports, lubricant messiness, and probably much more as we continue to grow and learn about each other’s desires.”

We can’t wait to learn more about this playful pair and their desires either – right here on Lustery!

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