Introducing: Kate & Sergey

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As they explain it, they were first introduced by a mutual friend, with most of their interaction taking place over social media at first. Two weeks of bated breath at each message alert tone and endless chatting later, the Slovakian pair decided to meet in person.

Kate remembers their June encounter well. “Sergey was this handsome athletic guy with great black hair – a rare type of man for our country. I liked him right away.” Although the feeling was mutual, they were “super shy” back then (a far cry from the smut-creating webcam couple they would become) and the first date ended without so much as a kiss. They met many times after that, going for walks and with Sergey always making sure to arrive with a bunch of flowers. The stage was set for romance with the pair waiting for Kate’s 18th birthday to make it official. By May of 2014 they were living together, getting hitched in September of the same year with a small wedding and unforgettable honeymoon in Egypt.

These days the sweethearts live in the Czech Republic, working and sharing their life with their beloved sphynx cat Moses. And when they’re not each running their own business? That’s when the travel-loving couple love to shoot porn! Having started as a webcam couple, their interest only grew from there. “We really love it – it’s so cool! We’re not shy with each other anymore and we love trying new things.” In fact, they’ve come so far since those reserved early days that they now consider outdoor sex one of their biggest turn-ons! Wanna know what else turns them on? Check out their sizzling Lustery debut to find out!

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