Introducing: Julian & Lean

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Although they both hail from the same neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, Argentinian lovers Lean and Julian actually first met through a friend on Instagram. “We started chatting and then met each other and talked a lot about porn in cinema, pop music video clips and weed, our three basic passions.” As photographers and filmmakers, they also admired each other’s work and looked for ways to collaborate. “But it wasn't until weeks after we met that we kissed for the first time at a disco party,” they say, laughing that it was basically their “opposite way of hooking up”.

While artistic vision may have come first, while they came second, it’s when the two overlap that this pair really bring the best out of each other. “We both work making movies and doing photography so that’s a big part of our relationship since we really like exploring and doing new stuff.” Throw in their shared fascination with the more erotic side of the arts and you can just as easily find the creative twosome fucking on camera as you can Julian doing the filming while Lean has sex with a lover or the pair doing photoshoots of each other getting it on with other partners.

It probably goes without saying that the two consider themselves exhibitionists (our favorite type of people) – and they also love to share. “Last summer we were at the park, a place that usually late at night turns into a cruising area,” they say. “There were a lot of people around but, within minutes, a big storm broke out and we were stranded, unable to see through the fog, wind and the hard rain. We were actually shouting as we thought we were all alone, but then we saw a guy touching himself and smiling at us from another tree. We ended up sucking him together in the rain.”

And if that story already has you breathless, just wait until you see their passionate Lustery debut…

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