Introducing: Josie & Karmann

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“Josie and I met through friends at a play party in Ireland,” explains Karmann. “We ended up making out like teenagers in the corner and missed most of the party. We didn't expect to see each other again though, as we were living in two different countries but we exchanged FetLife handles.” When Karmann later looked Josie up, he could’ve kicked himself – he’d already been perving over her for weeks online but hadn’t recognized her at the party. As luck (or lust) would have it though, they met again, and then again, and despite her living in Berlin and he in Turin, have been regularly making an effort to see each other since.

“We've been in a non-hierarchical polyamorous relationship for just over a year now,” says Josie. “Despite the distance, we still manage to see each other about once a month in person. When we're not spending time in the bedroom (or in the shower, or on the floor, or in the backseat of the car), we're usually breaking our promise to not eat out every night or getting overly competitive over board games.”

Of course, it’s not only board games where the two kinksters get to unleash their playful sides. “We met through kinky friends, so actually within the first few minutes of meeting Josie, I was complimenting her on her paddle,” says brat tamer Karmann. “Our first time playing together was the most intense impact scene that Josie had ever had, and she really let her brat flag fly.” While they first bonded over their shared love of impact play, degradation and rough sex, since being together they have discovered a passion for cuckqueaning, cock warming and objectification.

One of Josie’s fondest memories though, was introducing Karmann to the wonders of anal sex. “One of my absolute favourite memories is seeing him like jelly after his first time taking my ass. He’s been in love with it ever since.” And after watching their passionate Lustery debut (yes, complete with an intense anal pounding), we’re pretty sure you’ll be in love with it too.

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