Introducing: Johanna & Lars

Category: Couple News

Naturally, they owe that original spark to hook-up app Tinder. After a week of chatting, the German pair met up to have sex… and then did it again and again and again. Despite the regularity of their meetups, neither of them was looking for anything serious. That is, until Lars moved to another city almost two hours away. When Lars moved away, saying goodbye was difficult, they say. After just two days, they spoke on the phone and Lars asked Johanna if she would consider going on ‘real’ dates with him. Her answer was a definitive ‘yes’, and shortly afterwards Lars moved back and straight in with Johanna. “Love makes everything possible,” they say.

“Our relationship is, above all else, loving, emotional and balanced,” they say. “We’re open and we talk about everything. Not only about our sexual existence, but about our feelings, what we feel and why we feel it. That makes for a good relationship in our opinion.”

Physical intimacy is still a key part of their connection – and, for that matter, their daily lives. “We have sex once or twice a day,” they say, “and even more on the weekends!” They’re not too particular about specific positions or certain sex acts; instead, they explain, it’s about feeling comfortable and finding what feels good and intense (something that their passionate Lustery debut more than backs up). The same goes for kinks and fetishes. “We both like anal sex, lingerie and toys, all mixed with somewhat harder sex. But we don't have any direct fetishes. Lars loves licking Johanna's wet pussy and likes the feeling of his penis inside her much better than any toy but we wouldn't call either of these things a fetish.”

What is a huge turn-on for them is filming their sex life. “We are happy about everyone who watches our videos and feels comfortable with them,” they say. “And if the videos make you even hornier, then all the better!”

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