Introducing: Jason & Nadia

Category: Couple News

Explaining how they met, they say it was “very funny first encounter during AVN 2020”. They elaborate, “We have a mutual industry friend that in a way introduced us to one another. Nadia wasn’t exactly fond of anyone at the time, but through sheer charm and perseverance we are now a happily married couple!” And not just happily married but the perfect match for each other, “mentally, emotionally, and physically”. “We’re even the same size,” they laugh. “We are outgoing, love adventures, and seeking the best out of life – and whatever happens, happens.”

What does happen is sex – and a lot of it. As adult industry workers, filming themselves fucking is all part of a day’s work. And personal pleasure? Well, that’s a given too – “after the little red light turns off”. But enough about things turning off, we want to know about their turn-ons! Unsurprisingly, they’re plentiful, with the playful couple listing swinging, BDSM, breath play, sensory deprivation, group play, gang bangs, anal fisting and exhibitionism as some of their kinks. They add, “Anal sex is one of our favorite things to do, we both love giving and receiving oral sex.”

Their relationship also allows plenty of freedom to explore. As they say, “We’re emotionally monogamous but sexually open.” Of course, that ‘freedom’ is literal too. “Anywhere and everywhere is where we love to have sex. We just thoroughly enjoy sex and have one amazing sex life so in general as long as we are comfortable and having fun then let the games begin! We are always down to add new places and knock a few of them off of our ‘to-do’ list.” Guess now the can tick ‘doing it on Lustery’ off the list – we can’t wait to see more from this incredible couple.

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