Introducing: Jasmine & King Noire

Category: Couple News

The dynamic duo first met back in 2010, when Jasmine invited King to be a guest on her podcast, Royal Fetish Radio, at the suggestion of her brother. A long-time sex worker and performer, King had just started a new venture running erotic parties and stripping events, which aligned perfectly with Jasmine’s own interests as an organizer of sex toy and pole meet ups. The two got to talking and decided to join forces, but before too long business and pleasure intertwined, and they soon fell madly in love. 

Over a decade later, the now-married couple have built themselves something of an empire with their production company Royal Fetish Films and have appeared in numerous podcasts and publications including Vice and Forbes. But their work is certainly not limited to porn production. As a sex educator and therapist, Jet Setting Jasmine lives up to her name and travels the world speaking about such subjects as kink, BDSM, and polyamory. Meanwhile, King Noire is a talented musician and passionate activist, helping to build clinics and schools in Africa.

Throw in the fact that the two are raising a family together, and you can’t help but marvel at the drive and ambition of this sex positive power couple! As POC performers navigating the worlds or porn and parenting, Jasmine and King are an inspiring example of how you can achieve success through honesty, focus, and commitment. The deep love that they share for each other is immediately obvious in every interview and video they appear in—including their scintillating Lustery debut!

Podcast Transcript: