Introducing: James & Six

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“We met at a film screening in Marseille and quickly hit it off over a shared interest in filmmaking, a love ofKill Bill, and a kink for homemade queer porn,” say the queer lovers.“Six was a little shy to make the first move but pressed for time before they needed to return home to their mundane commitments and everyday life, so they decided to take a chance.”

It’s a chance that has paid off. They say, “We have an intense relationship based on laughing, walking to find good spots to fuck, watching films (especially porn)together and recording ourselves a lot. We are both sporty so we go out for long walks, climbs and swimming in the sea.” 

Sporty, yes, but as it turns out, naughty too… “One of our most exciting moments so far involved a combination of blowjobs and kinkiness, with a lot of naughtiness, during a film screening of a local director,” they say. Hidden away at the back of the theatre, they just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for Six to show off their oral skills whileJames scratched their neck and face and attempted to slap them– all while making as little noise as possible.

This playful sometimes-tender, sometimes-rough dynamic isn’t just reserved for movie theatres either – it infuses their everyday sex life. “We like starting with intense kissing, scratching, biting and slapping each other.We love role play and power play– often Six will be the top– and love incorporating strap-ons(which we love making ourself),ball gags, harnesses, handcuffs, whips, chains and other sexy things.”

All in all, it sets the scene for an intimate life filled with thrills and excitement – and with their shared passion for filmmaking, what better way to channel it than to capture some of that? We certainly approve!

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