Introducing: Igor & Lera

Category: Couple News

For Igor, it all started with a gorgeous girl tagged in a friend’s boyfriend’s Instagram Story. A visit to Lera’s profile was followed by a liked photo and shortly later a DM. The Russians started chatting… and kept chatting (for hours) the next day when Igor came to Lera’s office… and then kept chatting when she arrived at his house later for a sleepover. They didn’t hook up on the first night, despite the fact that Lera says she was “persistently offering sex” but the next day he gladly relented. A week later, they moved in together and a year later… they married!

“We have a very rich and sensual relationship,” the couple explain. “We constantly joke with each other and every day together is bright and eventful.” Just how eventful is that? Well, the adventurous lovers do have sex every day (if not twice a day) and they do have a thing for public sex… They reckon one of their best out-in-the-open experiences involved a sneaky blowjob on a public beach. “There were people around and it was very risky,” they say.

When they’re at home, they love arranging what they call “a night of sex” for themselves. “We do it for many hours in a row and Lera wears various sexy outfits and heels,” they explain. Igor loves doggystyle most of all (because of the beautiful views he gets of Lera’s rear) and everything related to legs – stockings, tights, high heels and short sexy skirts – while Lera loves missionary position to lie back and get high on pleasure. We have no doubt that their phenomenal Lustery debut will have you rushin’ back for more…

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