Introducing: Honey G & K Rivers

Category: Couple News

An online teenage romance, traveling from different states to meet in person in New York City in their senior year of high school, eloping the next year… Honey G and K Rivers’ relationship has all the makings of an epic love story – and, when you see what they’ve created together over the last 10 years, some epic art too.

“We have been married since 2009 and are polyamorous and nomadic!” they say. “We are kinky exhibitionists, who are into BDSM and love to make our fantasies come true. We are both artists, so we founded BEYONDEEP in 2012 to make films, art, and music together and spread love.”

With fantasy as their muse and pleasure, pain and everything in-between as their medium, and a bunch of toys (think strap-ons, impact toys, and restraints) as their tools, the creative couple are using their intimacy to empower and liberate. And every day in their sex life is an opportunity for inspiration. “Typical days consist of quickies (oral sex, fingering, grinding), mutual masturbation, dirty talk, and dominance and submission,” they say, “but we love making time to act out elaborate fantasies.” The pair include exhibitionism, impact and sensation play, bondage, role-play, pet play, and D/s power exchange amongst their favorite kinks and say that they live a 24/7 lifestyle with our kinks, always “open to discovering new and unexpected things that turn us on”.

It probably comes as no surprise that one of their most adventurous sex stories involved a night in a BDSM dungeon in a brand-new city. “We played all around the dungeon and then in a dark room full of strangers watching,” they say. “We fucked while they also fucked each other right next to us. It was a really hot orgy!” We have no doubt that whatever they bring to Lustery screens will be equally incandescent.

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