Gin & Jano: Embarking on a Shared Journey in Gender Euphoria

Category: Couple News

Author: The Lustery Team

After dancing the night away on the day that they met at Pride ’19, Argentinian boyfriends Jano and Gin say they later connected again on Tinder and, of course, matched immediately. In the years that have followed, they’ve not only moved in together (raising two cats and a dog), but they’ve started their hormonal transition journeys together too, sharing the changes, joy and gender euphoria every step of the way.

“We are great partners,” they say, “and we really enjoy the time we spend together. We like to cook and surprise each other with gifts all the time.” In fact, they’re such good partners that they even work together now. As they explain, “When we begin to discover our sexuality more, we found ourselves very excluded from normative, binary and heterosexual sexuality, so we opened a sex toy store together.” Not only that, but they started filming and sharing their sex life together too – which has resulted in even more exploration and experimentation!

"We found ourselves from normative, binary and heterosexual sexuality, so we opened a sex toy store together."

And speaking of exploration, sometimes that can be quite literal too. After a memorable trip to the mountains in 2020 in which they “found ourselves alone and we were able to enjoy rubbing, touching and having a very romantic and erotic evening of sex under the stars”, they’re always on the lookout for new destinations where sex and sensuality can be a priority. Naturally, pleasure is a priority in their day-to-day lives too. “We have an agreement where we take turns preparing dinner once a week and bring new proposals for pleasure: it can be a new toy, massage oil, costume, lingerie, candles.”

Owning their own sex shop also goes a long way towards providing inspiration and helping them explore one of their biggest kinks: anal play. “We have anal wands, plugs, dilators, dildos and vibrators,” they say. “Our big clits have led us to explore different suction pumps, clit suckers, and ways to make them grow even bigger too.”

Joining Lustery is the latest step on their journey, they say. “We not only joined Lustery to spice up our relationship, but also to make visible that trans bodies are also desiring and desired. We are both activists for trans rights, freedom and sexual health.”

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