Introducing: Georgi & Max

Category: Couple News

The Rotterdam-based couple say that they first met through mutual friends. One thing led to another – in other words, hanging out on the regular led to a few months of flirting – and finally they sealed the deal with a kiss… Well, with a make-out session at a bar anyway.

They’ve been together since, six of those years spend living together, which has given them ample time to explore their myriad shared and magical interests. As they explain, “We both love going to gigs and listening to live music. We also watch lots of weird anime and freaky movies together.” And when it’s not weird anime and freaky movies, they find other ways to bang on the doors of perception with magic, esoterism, mysticism and psychedelic substances. Oh yes, and plenty of uninhibited sex and unashamed exhibitionism.

“We really enjoy the feeling of being watched,” they confide. “We’ve had some experiences doing cam shows and skyped with other couples so we could watch each other fucking. We also like to explore with other people and play with toys – generally vibrators and anal plugs for both of us.”

Of course, that’s not where their kinks start and end… Oh yes, there’s more, ranging all the way from sweet and tender with plenty of soft kissing and making out to hard and intense – spanking and choking definitely included. “We love fucking outdoors, lingerie and sensuality,” the long-term lovers explain. “Georgi gets turned on while being fucked from behind and being bitten at the same time. Max loves having his cock stroked while getting his ass licked.” And since Max got his vasectomy, cream pies have become a favourite menu item on their lust list… A pair made in Lustery heaven? Watch to find out!

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