Introducing: Gabriella & Martin

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In the case of Gabriella’s no-dating-co-workers rule, the exception was Martin, her colleague in the lab where she was on a two-year research contract, having moved to Canada from France for the job. At first, they were just friends – after all, both were in other relationships and there was Gabriella’s rule, of course.

But when in summer 2018, they were both suddenly single again, Martin started to see Gabriella from a different perspective. A dinner invitation and a long bicycle ride that ended in suitably romantic fashion in the pouring rain paved the way for an afternoon of the pair opening up to each other about just about everything, including sex. When Gabriella went home to get changed into dry clothes for dinner later that night at Martin’s, she smiled and left thinking to herself, “Je crois que je vais passer à la casserole ce soir!" which can be translated to something like “I think I’m gonna get shagged tonight!”

“During the first few months of our intimate relationship, we pretended that we were not really attached to each other and that we were just spending time together (and having good sex!),” they say. These days, though, they have no qualms about admitting that they’re “deeply in love”.

The pair call themselves “candaulists”, saying that although they are in a closed relationship, they occasionally have sex with other people. It’s this openness to sharing that first made their legendary ‘Margarita nights’ a thing. “Occasionally, we like planning ahead for a sexy Friday or Saturday evening where more kinky things can happen. We always make and drink margaritas during those evenings, which comes from an evening we had with three friends, all girls, that took an unexpected turn.” Said turn involved drinking margaritas (of course) and then first Gabriella kissing one of the friends before all the girls were kissing and, finally, Martin got involved too. “Later that night everyone had left except one friend, Mary, and her boyfriend, Bryan, who had come to pick her up and stayed for a drink or two. Well, it ended up that Gabriella went with him and started to suck him while Martin was in Mary’s arms watching! So since that evening, we associate margaritas with kinky scenarios!”

The question then is: does their Lustery debut begin with sipping margaritas? Absolutely!

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