Introducing: Ferdinand & Tamara

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Back then Ferdinand was the new guy at the office and Tamara, his boss. A few years went by without her noticing him glancing at her in awe. As they explain, “One night, after work, we went to a bar and started to talk about our love lives. Tamara asked Ferdinand, what kind of person he would like to date. Having already had a few drinks, Ferdinand was no longer particularly subtle and described a person who had and was all the things he liked about Tamara, while getting really nervous with every new detail he shared. Incredibly, however, Tamara did not seem to notice that he was describing her exactly. Her response was simply, ‘Hmm, unfortunately I don't know anyone like that.’ It only dawned on her on the way home: ‘Wait a minute, did he mean me?!’”

They say that when they finally spent a first night together, they dismissed it as just an exciting affair between a boss and her young employee. “Oh boy, how we were mistaken!” they laugh. Now, almost 10 years later, they are living together, engaged and have kids.

“Our relationship is built on the belief that although we are made for each other in a strange way, this does not mean seeing ourselves reflected in each other, but rather loving as we are,” they say. “We want to concentrate on our love, not on having to owe each other something. We don't expect certain actions from each other, we don't forbid each other our own desires and needs, even if this sometimes means pain and jealousy. We both now work as full-service sex workers, dealing with the needs and desires of strangers on a daily basis. It has become all the more important to live out our own needs and sexuality with each other, to be able to let go and put our own desires at the centre of our own love and sex life.”

Their favourite sex acts change from day to day and mood to mood, they say. “However, we like positions and practices that show a very rough, raw and human side of sexuality and leave corresponding traces. Whether it's sex during menstruation, desperate bites or animalistic trance – anything that inscribes the natural force of lust into our bodies (and the sheets) is great.”

As for their favourite places to fuck? “Any place where we have sex is a good place. But we tend to have especially fulfilling, let-go sex when we're in classic places that ‘breathe sex’. A luxurious hotel, a run-down hotel, a little hideaway off a major road, the smoky corner at the club...” We’re hoping this can only mean they’re going to have a blissful experience right here on Lustery!

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