Introducing: Eva & Roo

Category: Couple News

It only takes looking at the two tattooed beauties to guess that Eva and Roo might have a lot in common… In fact, their common ground goes a lot more than skin deep – liking and getting excited about the same things is a cornerstone of their relationships. Although the eye-catching pair have only been dating a few months, their friendship goes way back to a meeting via a mutual friend two years ago. “We were really good friends before starting to date,” they say. “And we still feel like best friends –it's great dating someone who really understands you.”

The Manchester-based babes explain that most of their relationship has taken place during lockdown, which has given them plenty of time to focus on nothing but each other. “We usually have sex two or three times a day,” they confess. “It’s hard to stay productive sometimes because we get so distracted by each other and can't keep our hands off each other. We both have a pretty high sex drive and we just love getting naughty with each other.”

They describe themselves as “very open-minded” and say that they love trying new things, which makes an open relationship a great fit for them. They admit that one of their shared kinks is having sex with more than one person, so threesomes and sex parties are among their favourite activities to enjoy together. Of course, these aren’t the only things that get them hot… “Eva loves being dominant and taking control,” they explain, adding that she loves choking Roo while fucking her and sometimes she slaps Roo's pretty face. Eva also has an oral fixation, so sucking Roo’s fingers while being fucked is heaven for her – that is, when they’re not actually going down on each other.