Introducing: Elizabeth & Max

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“When we're together, it's like the rest of the world melts away,” says the Kansas City-based couple. The lovers owe their meeting to OkCupid – well, that and a lingering fascination that meant Max kept popping into Elizabeth’s mind after she came across his profile, despite the fact that she was ‘polysaturated’ and too busy to meet. Once her life and dating schedule simplified a bit, she reached out and they made a plan to meet up. “We flirted over drinks, and shared our first kiss in a nearly empty bar over Old Fashioneds,” they say. “Our first date lasted for six hours, and we've been hooked on each other since then.”

Three years have passed since then and while life is still frequently busy, the time they spend together feels like an escape from it all. “In addition to prioritizing sex when we’re together, we also love playing games, watching hockey and snuggling,” they explain. “We’re both polyamorous and have multiple partners, but we prioritize our date nights and tend to bookend sleep with sex, either having sex right before sleep, or right when we wake up in the morning. Sunday morning sex is a favorite of ours – nothing like a luxurious sleep in, nothing on the agenda, and beautiful morning light wrapping around our bodies.”

Naturally, aside from their time together like a vacation, the pair also enjoy actually going on vacation together. One of their most memorable sex stories happened while wandering through the woods at a music festival. “We had sex pressed up against a tree, with all sorts of people around,” they confess. “We had to change locations a few times, so we wouldn't get caught!”

It’s not just fooling around in interesting new locations that excites them; they’ve also started exploring light impact play and restraints – something, they say, that has evolved together. “We’ve talked about exploring group sex together, and we often check in if there are any other things we want to introduce in our connection.”

And speaking of introductions, we couldn’t be happier to introduce them right here on Lustery, so don’t miss their spellbinding debut!

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