Introducing: Ducky & Ravyn

Category: Couple News

It was a busy late June evening, chilly for the time of the year, say sweethearts Ravyn and Ducky, and it was Pride in Seattle. Ducky works at a queer club in a busy area, so it was festive, to say the least. As they explain it, Ravyn approached the bar, their eyes met and it was all a sexy spiral into a solid partnership that the world needed.

While only a few months have passed since then, they’ve been glorious months, they say. “At times, everything feels new, at other times it feels as if we have known each other for 3,000 years. It’s hard to say if we laugh more or fuck more. There are zero dull moments and an invaluable sense of belonging to each other that can only be described as a blessing.”

Their sex life appears to be aptly heavenly, though with an ample serving of kink and deviance. They list eating ass, sucking dick, soaking, pounding from behind in the kitchen, thigh fucking, and the lazy sidewinder (“slow and horizontal from behind,” they say, “think sleeping bag”) as some of their favorite sex acts and positions. They also love spit – the more, the better – “Ducky is very into edging, armpit play and smelling armpits (the more natural the better), while Ravyn has a variety of kinks and fetishes too. But we love fucking each other a lot, and that seems like a pretty good kink.”

The pair say that they have sex whenever they say each other, and you could argue wherever too. After all, their most adventurous sexual escapade took place on a boat during a stormy whale watching tour! “The only other passenger was a middle-aged French-Canadian man who never held an unlit cigarette,” they recall. “Holding each other turned to an intentional groping as we slowly proceeded de-robe and make restrained yet fiery love in front of the smoking Canadian.” Sounds unforgettable. As unforgettable, we’d argue, as their sensual Lustery debut…

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