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Introducing: Dave & Kami

These two have gone from getting to know each other through video calls to inviting the world to enjoy their passion in porn videos…

April 4, 2022

It all started in London when Dave, who was working as a welder at the time, met Kami, then a coffee shop employee, at a pub. They exchanged numbers shortly before the first pandemic lockdown – something that would have halted many a budding romance in its tracks. Not theirs though. A string of messages, calls and video chats got them through the endless weeks of social distancing. By the time they met again in person, by their reckoning, it took only five minutes to fall the rest of the way in love.

Now living together in Dave’s home country of Italy, the pair describe their relationship as full of love, trust and respect. “We are friends, lovers and partners on the same team,” they say, adding that they always having a good time together, whether it’s partying, grabbing a beer by the beach or romantic dates. And, of course, those good times absolutely extend to the bedroom too…

“We have sex almost every day, sometimes even two or three times a day,” they say. “We’ll usually start with oral sex before moving on to sex in multiple positions, often trying new ideas.” Kami’s favourite position is doggy for the best orgasms, while Dave is always a fan of missionary and cowgirl (“He likes to be on charge!” they say), and thinks reverse cowgirl is really hot too! And speaking of getting them hot, it’s not just about different positions… Foot jobs and feet licking, spit and dirty talk are way up there, as is making Kami squirt. “We also love spanking, choking, hair pulling and anal sex.”

And if their presence on Lustery doesn’t give it away, the undeniable energy of their debut will – they love sharing their passion with the world. And with passion like this, who can blame them?