Introducing: Dani & Rita

Category: Couple News

Podcast Transcript:

The Barcelona-based lovers first met around four years ago through a mutual friend. After a night of drinking beer on the street and chatting endlessly, they knew that they wanted to go home together. It was a wonderful night that easily and naturally progressed into open and nurturing relationship they share today. “We have always had an open relationship and it’s something that we’ve put a lot of work into. We are trying to meet and unify people who

believe in non-monogamy and who have a sex-positive mentality. The result is that we’ve already been part of two groups of people who try to do that, taking care of each other with friendship and conscientiousness.”

Their proudly open relationship does nothing to diminish their lust for each other either. Oh no, quite the contrary. “Sex is very present in our relationship all the time, so we’re always looking for different scenarios and experiences; sometimes for making videos and sometimes not.” Dani loves that Rita’s flexibility adds new angles for exploration to their intimate time and they both adore positions where they’re facing each other (kissing makes everything better, right?) or when Rita’s on top and can cum again and again…

When it comes to kinks, the pair say that there’s “nothing special” to mention because for them, sex is more about feeling the person than about any particular fetishes. And it shows in the way that they play! Detailing one of their most memorable sexual encounters, they say, “We made a game with two friends where all of us had to be blindfolded. Instead of seeing what was happening, we just flowed with it, feeling each other with all of our other senses.” Sounds sensational? Just wait until you see what they have in store for Lustery – it’s the porn, they say, that they would most like to see in the world. Watch this space!