Introducing: Dana & Kuka

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In the case of Spanish soulmates Dana and Kuka, it feels somehow more than fitting to say that the day they meet was to change the direction of their lives – and they haven’t looked back since. After meeting on a dating app during lockdown, the pair used their first day of freedom to meet in person, and – unexpectedly – they fell head over heels in love.

It’s been well over a year since, and in that time the adventurous duo realised their shared dream of having a house on wheels and being able to explore the world. “We live in a camper van traveling around and working together,” they say. “We’re both searching for freedom, and connect deeply from a place of mutual respect and support where being together doesn’t mean cutting each other’s wings. We love exploring our sexuality, our fears, and our dreams together, and we are learning so much from each other.”

In exploring new ways to express their sensuality and experience pleasure and desire, the nomadic lovers also discovered something else together: filming themselves. That’s right: as if living out of a van and being able to wake up to a new place each day wasn’t thrilling enough, they’re also documenting their sex lives and inspiring a growing legion of fans and followers along the way.

It’s not hard to see why they’d want to share their intimate exploits either. Each day in their lives begins with sex – “that’s a need for us,” they say. “It doesn't necessarily have to mean intercourse; very often we surprise each other with ‘good morning’ oral sex, sometimes we find ourselves having sex while still half asleep, and sometimes we just cuddle and play like puppies in bed. The rest of the day is for improvisation: sometimes in public places, sometimes while cooking, sometimes during a nap...” And whether it’s holding each other close, doggy style or anal (all of which may or may not feature Lustery debut, *hint hint*), one thing is for sure: it’s always super sexy and super intense.

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