Introducing: Cinnamon & Spice

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Their innately explorative nature has also led to more exciting sex stories than they can count. And never mind ‘near misses’; they confess that they get caught all the time – including the very first time they fucked! “It was at the beach, so we were trying to find a private spot with the kayak. We paddled far away from the crowd into the mangroves. Paddling between mangroves, it was so beautiful so we started having sex on the kayak. It was great until we start to hear laughing and realised that at least four or five fishermen in the mangroves were watching us. We got the hell out of there with some unfinished business ... But, of course, we finished it later on that day somewhere else.”

As the parents of a now four-year-old, finding the time to get intimate isn’t as easy as it might have been in those early years, but they always try to make it a priority. “Our favourite time for sex is usually the morning – let’s just say it’s not only the sun rising at that time…” they laugh. And, of course, public sex remains a firm favourite. “The bed is the last place we like to have sex; we reckon beds are good for sleep only.” Can’t wait to see where they might get it on for Lustery!

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