Introducing: Chill & Mi

Category: Couple News

The night Chill met Mi, his apartment had just burned down. Having nowhere to go, he looked right in her beautiful eyes, smiled, and told her he’d have to spend the night with her. Mi found this bold approach to be funny, cute, and quite brave and so she agreed!

Now living together in Berlin, the goofy couple enjoy a passionate sex life, making love three to four times per day! They love bondage and light BDSM, and clearly take great pleasure in spending as much time with each other as possible.

Chill and Mi met at a bar in Israel but –like most things about this wild couple– their first encounter was far from typical; Chill’s apartment had burned down that very day and so, having nowhere to live, he told Mi that he’d be staying with her that night. Mi found this bold approach to be funny, cute, and quite brave and so she agreed!

Six months later, Mi moved to Germany for her studies and over a year later, Chill also relocated to Berlin. Although he was supposed to stay with a friend, he instead went to Mi’s place directly after landing to give her an original drawing he had made. The two started reconnecting and quickly realized that they couldn’t spend another day apart from each other. Indeed, they now live together 24/7, and that drawing is still hanging on the wall.

The pair are extremely loving and passionate, and have sex three to four times a day! They enjoy bondage and light BDSM, and say their favorite position is ‘Aquarius’. One time, they were having sex in a beachside changing cabin, only to have their clothes stolen by some mischievous kids prompting Chill to chase after them completely naked! We are certainly happy to welcome such loving and joyful characters to the Lustery family!

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