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Introducing: Celeste & JB

Hailing from a conservative religious past, Celeste and JB are on a journey to relearn everything they thought they knew about intimacy.

October 17, 2022

Now married for 11 years, the couple say they can credit their “super religious” background for helping them to connect – after all, they met as members of the same church group when they were still teenagers – but the greatest evolution in their relationship and in the ways that they explore and experience intimacy has occurred in the five years since leaving that way of life. “It’s a good evolution and we wouldn’t trade it for anything,” they say.

Describing their relationship as “emotional and deep”, they add, “We both have a profound respect for individuality and autonomy, and value the importance of needs and mental health. We are literally each other’s best friend, but with none of the stereotypical ‘helicopter’ behaviors.”

Where they were anxious to even communicate about sex and their sex life was highly vanilla before, underscored by the belief that they had been brought up with, that sex was for making babies only, these days trying new things, discovering new kinks and fantasies, and expanding their horizons are central to the intimacy that they share. “We really love sex that allows us to be physically close: missionary, her on top, side by side, spooning, etc. We also love oral, 69, and rimming. We both really enjoy pleasing our partner, so if it’s something we know they like, it can easily become a ‘favorite’.”

Among the kinks they are exploring, they list bondage, light fem-dom, public sex and voyeurism, and getting it on in group settings, adding that while growing up in a sexual suppressed religious environment set them back a little, they love learning and trying new things.” Their mesmerizing Lustery debut is an ode to how far they’ve come, with all their worship, veneration and devotion focused entirely on each other.