Introducing: Cay & Jay

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Describing themselves as “mutuals since childhood”, young Los Angeles-based couple Cay and Jay later found their attraction to each other was mutual too. “Cay went to college out of state but came back the following year because of Covid. We had always thought about each other though, and five months after that we got together.”

“Got together” might be an understatement in this case though – after all, as they say, they love each other more than anything else and do everything together. “We are a fun-ass, outgoing, horny and laidback couple,” they say. “We love to make each other laugh and have a good time, no matter the place. Most of all, we have the type of relationship you wish you could have!”

A significant part of said relationship is a kinky and adventurous sex life where rough and dirty fucking, shibari and impact play might all feature in the day’s X-rated activities. “We like rough fucking along with bondage and rope play. Anal is another kink we do a lot,” they say. “We are pretty inexperienced so the knowledge we have on kinks is very limited but we are very open-minded and always down to explore new sex ideas.”

Not only are they always down to explore new things in (and outside of) the bedroom but they’re always down to film themselves doing it too – and they do it a lot! “We like to fuck several times in a day, if given the time,” they explain. “We both love waking up to getting head or being eaten out and we will fuck for some time. After some morning sex, we like to start using toys and teasing for hours to get the biggest orgasms. We have sex all over the place, not just the room – we like to fuck pretty much where ever we are standing at the time. At night, we have sex again and make each other shake in pleasure before squirting and cumming all over each other.” And if that sounds impossibly hot, just wait until you see their Lustery debut…

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