Introducing: Casper & Veronika

Category: Couple News

It all started when Casper stumbled across Veronika’s profile on a social media network. He couldn’t resist sliding into her DMs, and after checking him out and seeing his photos, well, Veronika couldn’t resist replying. It took only two days of back and forth chatting, before a romantic walk in the park – the most irresistible bit of all – would set them on course for a life together.

“It often seems like we are one whole or like we’re made for each other,” the young Russians say. “And now we’ve found a job that allows us to do what we love without being distracted by things that prevent us from being happy.” That job is doing what they do best – adoring each other and sharing their sex life with a fanbase eager to see more.

Of course, knowing that they (might) have an audience has also led to some of their wilder sexual escapades. They say, “Once, we had sex on an open rooftop, in front of many tall buildings next to each other. There was a feeling that everyone who lives in these houses saw us. In fact, we have many similar stories!” When the mood strikes, this mischievous pair isn’t afraid of finding the nearest secluded spot. “It can be either a park, a shopping center, or even an ordinary entrance of a residential building.”

Luckily, you don’t need to be watching random doorways to get an eyeful of these two. “We started our careers as porn performers relatively recently, and love to receive support from our viewers,” they say. We like to think it doesn’t get more supportive – or appreciative – than right here on Lustery!

Podcast Transcript: