Introducing: Carla & Mark

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Married for six of those seven years, the young Russians say they couldn’t get enough of each other at the start of their relationship. They recount the time when they just started dating that they found themselves in a luxury restaurant hungry for nothing but each other. “We were so horny and couldn’t yet leave for the hotel, so while we were waiting for the food, Carla went under the table, unzipped Mark’s jeans, took his cock out, and gave him an awesome blowjob.” However, as is evident from their scorchingly hot Lustery debut (never mind their careers as web cam models), nothing has changed – they still can’t get enough of each other!

The jetsetting couple have travelled to Dubai, Istanbul, Tbilisi, Barcelona, Helsinki, Stockholm, Erevan, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento, and while exploring the world is one of their favorite things, some of their other preferred pleasurable pursuits require nothing more than a little quality time with each other. Mark loves sex in doggy style and cowgirl, and also loves to cum inside Carla’s mouth. One of his biggest turn-ons, though, is licking Carla’s asshole (naturally, there’s plenty of that in their first Lustery submission). Carla, on the other hand, loves sucking Mark’s cock and says she always orgasms when he fucks her and rubs her clit at the same time.

As for their favorite places to fuck? Well, one of them is on cam, of course. “We love sharing our sex lives with others,” they say, “and it drives us wild knowing that people are watching us.” That might also explain their love for public sex – anything from a tropical beach to a shopping trip is fair game. Now they just have to realize their fantasy of joining the ‘Mile High Club’…

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