Introducing: Candy & Mike

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“Some people say that love at first sight is impossible; however, for us, it certainly was!” say South African pair Candy and Mike. After hitting it off on holiday, the lovebirds are not only still together but have been married for the last seven years. “We love each other very much and believe that communication is key. We both have day jobs but always try to keep things interesting – we love to have fun in every aspect of our lives and are always up for an adventure!”

What that “adventure” may look like varies: it could be exploring new kinks in the bedroom or it could be letting lust take the lead far from home – in the case of one of their most adventurous sexcapades, while swimming in the sea in Thailand! “Being on holiday and so relaxed, we were both in the mood for some excitement, and decided to make love in the ocean,” they confess. “It was exhilarating and fun as we didn’t know if anyone on the nearby beach knew what we were doing!”

While life can get all sorts of busy for the outdoorsy duo, which means they might not always have time for sex, there’s no shortage of turning on and teasing – they love sending each other filthy sexts and naughty pictures during the work day. And when they do get each other naked, Candy absolutely loves to be on top, missionary style for a heart-racing and intense climax, while Mike loves it when Candy lies face down and he can gently ride her from behind while caressing her body. Mike also adores tying Candy up – either with ropes or cuffs – and has what he calls “a bit of a foot fetish” with Candy laughingly interjecting that he means “a lot of a foot fetish”. Candy, on the other hand, is into choking, spanking and hair pulling – and, as you’ll see in their Lustery debut, Mike is happy to oblige.

We can’t wait to get to know them a little more intimately right here on Lustery!

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