Introducing: Bunnie & Clide

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At least not these days, even though their first year of getting to know each other was conducted almost exclusively over WhatsApp. Texting progressed to walks on the beach and, eventually, after hearing Clide always talking about delicious food and how good he is in the kitchen, Bonnie invited him to cook at her place. Turns out how was good in the bedroom too – no prizes for guessing what was for dessert!

The beginning of their relationship was also, says Bunnie, where she asked Clide to take all his previous ideas about relationships and throw them away. Conversations about making porn, questioning monogamy and breaking conventional moulds happened early on, with new perspectives and personal evolution part and parcel of their being a pair. Speaking of their relationship, they say, “Like on a roller coaster, we go around many times facing our fears, flowing with deep feelings, holding each other’s hand, screaming on the downs and getting excited on the ups.” Far from being boring, it’s a journey of learning and discovery through love.

Of course, there’s been plenty of learning and discovery through lust too. For one, they love outdoor sex (sunsets are always better with an orgasm, after all). “We’ve had sex in lots of natural places, like beaches, forests, and so on. But one of the most adventurous times was in a natural pool. Bunnie is actually afraid of waves, but that beautiful salty pool under a cliff, just next to the powerful ocean, was too exciting and romantic to resist,” they recall. Plus, the thrill of it all and the safety she felt in Clide’s arms made for an epic orgasm.

Recording their most intimate moments for Lustery is a fantasy turned reality for the pair. Though Bunnie has some experience in porn, this is her first time showing the world something so personal. They say it’s not only a chance for the audience to learn about them but has also allowed them to learn about them. Awww!

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