Introducing: Buffy & Michael

Category: Couple News

Podcast Transcript:

“I was moving to the city and starting a new job,” says Buffy of their office-fling-turned-full-time-romance. “Michael opened the door to me on the day and the rest is history!”

“I heard we had a new starter and, well, she was a lot prettier than I expected,” adds Michael.

However, they say, despite the simmering sexual tension from the moment they laid eyes on each other, they did at least try to keep things innocent at first. They say, “We started off with very pure intentions of remaining friends, but luckily for us – and Lustery – we didn't stay pure very long.” After a year-and-a-half together, their relationship is definitely more about intensity, adventure and putting each other first, and less about appropriate office conduct – and as the palpable chemistry in their Lustery debut proves, that’s a good thing!

While she might have walked into Michael’s office that fateful day in 2021, Buffy’s boss in the bedroom. “I like to be on top and in charge, and I think we generally like the femdom vibe if we're getting kinky,” she says. “I can be pretty bossy.”

“I like Buffy getting what she wants, and that’s a pretty mutual agreement,” agrees Michael. “Sometimes that can be as simple as what gets said when we’re intimate but we’re no strangers to ropes and riding crops.” Nor, for that matter, are they strangers to a magic wand (Buffy’s favorite sex toy, other than Michael) or anal plugs (Michael’s current top toy).

The Manchester-based pair describe themselves as energetic people and doers, although when it comes to their sex life, they let spontaneity take the reins (that is, when Buffy isn’t). “I'd say we’re more than pretty active but it’s rarely the same experience twice,” says Michael. “We like a lot of intimacy but more-often-than-not things have a habit of getting ‘adventurous’.” Their eagerness to explore is also founded in complete honesty – with no secrets, shame or need to perform for each other, they say, they can focus on pleasure instead.

“We’re looking forward to Lustery inspiring us to be even more adventurous than we are already!” they say. Naturally, we couldn’t agree more.