Introducing: Bonnie & Tommy

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That fateful meeting proved to be the start of a seven-year adventure grounded in open communication and exploration of each other’s kinks. Early in their relationship, the pair discovered their exhibitionist tendencies when they fucked in a sex swing in front of many onlookers at a BDSM club. 

This soon progressed into MFM threesomes, including one time when Tommy and his friend took turns with Bonnie before entering her together—something so overwhelming that the Scottish lass “orgasmed instantly and didn’t stop cumming.” Even hotter, they filmed the whole 45-minute session, which concluded with a huge double facial, which was another first for them!

Their experimentation continued from there, as Tommy describes: “Bonnie wanted to explore her bi side, so we had our first FMF threesome with one of our friends, which was so natural. Now we’re happy with all levels of sharing…” Indeed, the ethically non-monogamous partners feel secure enough to explore separately and “get a real kick” out of watching each other fuck other people.

In addition to their penchant for group sex, the kinky couple enjoy a number of fetishes, ranging from the full feeling of fisting to engaging in their mutual breeding fantasies which involve them edging during Bonnie’s ovulation and finishing inside when she’s not. Indeed, this fantasy has now turned into reality as the husband and wife are now proud parents. 

Although this means it can be difficult to find alone time, the two still manage to have sex most days, whether squeezing in an evening quickie in their backyard hot tub—they like the idea of getting caught by their neighbors—or visiting a hotel for “some quiet playtime ourselves or with other play partners.”

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