Introducing: Asia & Luke

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“Being from the same hometown, we’ve always known each other but we were never romantically involved. Later, we were reintroduced by a mutual friend and it was pretty much love at first sight,” they say. However, a two-year jail sentence stood between the lovebirds and their happy ending. Luke got convicted and spent two years in prison, they say, while Asia waited for him. “After Luke got out, it was an epic reunion and explosion of chemistry.”

The adoring pair have been making up for lost time ever since. “We are best friends and can’t keep our hands off each other,” they say. “We have a lot in common and do everything together, from working out together, cooking together, watching sports, taking spontaneous trips together, long night chats, rolling blunts and smoking together. We are partners and a team.”

They are also passionate lovers, and say that they much prefer ‘making love’ to ‘fucking’ (though, they admit, they do enjoy the occasional fuck too). “Our sex life is crazy, wild and intimate,” they say, adding that they usually have sex at least five days a week. Luke loves doggy-style – for the control it offers him as well as being the perfect position for the self-proclaimed “booty guy” to grip, spank, check out and play with Asia’s ass. Asia, on the other hand, calls herself “a plain and simple missionary girl”, explaining that she feels every bit of Luke’s dick in that position and that it’s also her favorite position for love-making since Luke feels so close to her. And as far as favorite sex toys go, well, Luke has stud implants in his penis – does that count?

And after being apart for those two years, there’s also no shortage of places where they’ll gladly get it on. “For lovemaking, we love the bed. For spontaneous sexcapades, we love the car – if we’re driving and feel horny, we’ll stop in an area at a secluded park and have sex. When we are feeling frisky, we’ll do it against the wall or in the shower. And when we are feeling chilled out and smoking a blunt, we love the couch.” Wherever they’re doing it, we’re just happy they’re now doing it on Lustery!

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