Introducing: Aron & Stefanie

Category: Couple News

Even the way they met is a great example of how the German lovers have come to play a part in each other’s lives. They were both at the same fetish party, where Aron happened to catch sight of Stefanie playing with her Dom. Intrigued by what was happening, Aron wasn’t content just to watch – no, he asked if he could join in.

From there, they say, they got to know each other just like any other couple would: dinners, long walks, and – oh, yeah – plenty of fucking. And, when Stefanie found out that Aron makes money filming erotic videos… well, naturally, she wanted to make them too! “I became his sex model and girlfriend on an open basis and he became my porn king,” says Stefanie.

The pair enjoy an open relationship, not always seeing each other on a regular basis – and when they do spend time together, their chemistry is always electric. Of course, making videos together gives them every reason to keep things interesting in the bedroom, but having plenty of kinks and fetishes to draw inspiration from doesn’t hurt either – unless you count the stinging pain of a good spanking! Aside from his love for likes gymnastics, fitness, video games, ballet, contemporary dancing and acrobatics, Aron also loves dishing out discipline in the form of spanking – and Stefanie is more than happy to offer her bare butt to receive them. As they explain it, it’s not about ‘punishment’ but about warming her up for what’s to come. Aron would also like to explore BDSM further with blood and needle play.

As for joining Lustery, they say: “We discovered Lustery through some friends from Berlin and it’s a great opportunity for us to open up our network and maybe become friends with cool people. We like their approach and can’t wait to share!”

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