Ariel & Kirk on Sharing Their Intimate Playful World

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Author: The Lustery Team

Ariel and Kirk initially met at Ariel’s work about five years ago, which is ironic, really, because it’s Kirk who had his work cut out for him simply trying to convince Ariel to go out with him in the first place. “He ended up coming back and asking again and again and we finally went out,” she says. “I shouldn’t have said ‘no’ to begin with because it was magic from the start!”

Now engaged, they say that in their half a decade together, they’ve come to rely on each other deeply. “Kirk and I work together making films for our fans and he helps me set up for my live-streams,” explains camgirl Ariel. “He does so much more though! Whether it’s cooking or cleaning or moral support, we complement each other so well!”

"We're both into extended foreplay and BDSM roleplay."

Needless to say, when it comes to sex, they’re just as perfectly matched, making physical intimacy an easy priority in their everyday life. They make sure to have sex daily, though two or three times a day isn’t out of the question either. Plus, Ariel confesses, she loves to dress really provocatively around the house to tease Kirk. “A lot of times he can’t resist getting his hands all over me and it often leads us right to our bed,” she laughs.

As for what happens in the bed, turns out these two are as kinky as they are cute. “We are both into extended foreplay and BDSM roleplay,” they say. Sometimes this might mean that Ariel takes on a sweetly submissive role while Kirk ties her up and uses her. Or it might equal Kirk handcuffed with Ariel happily sitting on his face. Kirk has also discovered something of a foot fetish with Ariel and loves sucking on her toes when they fuck. They also have an extensive sex toy collection, with Ariel’s Hitachi magic wand and their assorted butt plugs among their favorite.

And as for joining the authentic amateur porn world of Lustery? “We’re really happy to bring our love and intimacy to the world and it’s such a turn on to know people watch us and get off!” they say.

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