Introducing: Ari & Sofi

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Whether it was attending the same university course, coincidentally bumping into each other at bars (“I was dating someone else at the time, so we just kept talking innocently, even though I noticed her eyes and smile,” says Ari), or serendipitously – an unsuspectingly – following each other on social media, something kept drawing these Brazilian beauties into each other’s orbit. Our money’s on some intense magnetism and undeniable chemistry. When they finally started getting to know each other properly, there was no turning back: within days they were dating.

These days they share a close relationship, with a lot of love and companionship involved. “We constantly tell each other how much we love each other and are grateful that we met,” they explain. And as much as there’s plenty of love involved, there’s an equal measure of red-hot lust too. “Our sex is very intense and we are always very horny for each other,” they say.“We like to explore our bodies and find innovative ways of giving pleasure. For example, we realized that we like slaps in the face, being tied up, and things like that. Our sex became even more intense after that.”

Fucking up to three times a day, the playful pair have had ample opportunity to discover some kinks and fetishes along the way. Sofi loves feet, being tied up, cursing and dirty talk, and cumming rubbing on Ari’s ass, while Ari gets off on slapping Sofi in the face while she fucks her, hair pulling, dirty talk, and– she confesses – she finds Sofi’s armpits super sexy too. They also love playing with clitoral vibrators (“Because we prefer to feel each other’s fingers internally,” they say), butt plugs, handcuffs and whips. No doubt filming themselves forLusterywill be their latest source of bliss…

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