Introducing: Arden & Tommy

Category: Couple News

After the busy, cacophonous and late-night start to their romance, there’s plenty about the journey they’ve been on since that says not much has changed. “We are nocturnal animals,” they say. “We read books, we travel the world and we generally try to do whatever we want.”

Luckily for us, more often than not, what to want to do is each other. “Our sex life is quite active and we don’t fail to have sex every single day,” they explain. “We try to devote a lot of time to fun things. We find time for breaks, and during these breaks we also manage to satisfy our sexual urges.”

Finding a time and a place to indulge is rarely a problem – in fact, more often this is part of the thrill for the public sex-loving pair. “It excites us to do things in public places,” they tease. “We both love oral sex, since it’s comfortable and practicable anywhere at all times. The best orgasms are experienced in risky places, often surrounded by unsuspecting people.” One of their most memorable out-in-the-open experiences involved having sex in the rain for hours with cars whizzing by in the traffic just a short distance away from them. Anyone could have seen them but, they say, that only added to the excitement.

They attribute their passion for exploring intimacy far beyond the bedroom to a shared impulsive streak and a desire to experience as much as possible. “We can’t stay still for very long and for us it’s less about position and more about the place; for us, the mental condition is fundamental. Most of the time we follow our instincts – each place is potentially stimulating; you just need the right conditions to have fun.”

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