Introducing: Ant & Stephanie

Category: Couple News

The amorous Americans met on New Year’s Eve 2021, when they were both bartending a Burning Man event in Las Vegas. Immediately after the shift, Stephanie had a somewhat crazy idea to drive three hours to California for another event, and Ant—intrigued by her extravagant ravewear—decided to tag along. Those wild first 33 hours proved to be the foundation of an incredible and ever-evolving relationship many months later. The party-loving pair identify as solo-polyamorous relationship anarchists, which means they live separately and maintain multiple relationships at times. No strangers to streaming their sex under the name Immaculate Vibes Entertainment, the exhibitionist couple love to fuck anywhere and everywhere, whether in a hotel, camping tent, or new sex club they’ve discovered on their many travels together. 

Indeed, their favorite sexual experience so far was when they visited a sex club in Miami, where a game of strip pool lead to a foursome followed by the two of them putting on a show in front of the whole main floor (where they were the only ones getting sexy). Transitioning from a sensual lap dance to a silly roleplay involving sign language to extreme edging, the experience encapsulates their playful sex-positiveness and willingness to try anything.

The duo are incredibly curious and explorative sexually and consistently open to new kinky adventures (like Stephanie walking around in public with a hidden vibrator controlled by Ant). Their kinks include breath play, edging, shibari, and squirting, though as givers they absolutely love performing oral on each other and fulfilling each others’ deepest desires. Just watch their mouth-watering Lustery debut and you’ll see firsthand how fun and filthy these two can get!

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