Anya & Billy on Keeping Their Sex Life Real & Adventurous

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Author: The Lustery Team

Describing their initial connection as a “crazy love story”, the first chapters unfolded via cam in 2016. Anja recalls her earliest encounters with Billy: “The first things I saw was his big cock, his body and his smile,” she laughs. “I thought, ‘Oh my god, he needs to be my husband.’” After a few months of chatting online, Billy flew to Russia to meet Anja in the flesh – a “perfect” trip characterized by fucking, eating and, yes, more fucking. A whirlwind romance followed and they were married within a year and are now living together in Germany.

"Sometimes, I'll share my husband with other girls just because I love to see a blowjob."

It's said that life imitates art but in the case of this porn performer couple, it may be the other way around. “We would say that our porn videos are really special for this business,” they say. “We only show our real emotions, love and orgasms. If we don’t like something, we don’t do it, so our videos are always real.” It’s a commitment to authenticity and genuine pleasure that is present in every aspect of their sex lives, not just creating sexy content together. They explain that there is no “typical” day in their sex lives, as everything depends on that day’s moods and desires; instead, they like to keep things spontaneous.

That all said, they do have their favorite positions and sex acts. “We both like missionary most because it’s most intimate,” they say. Billy also adores the view of Anya’s ass in doggy-style, while she loves giving blowjobs – and watching them! “Sometimes, I’ll share my husband with other girls because I just love to see a blowjob,” she says, adding that Billy also gets to watch her play with them in return. And while they love getting intimate in the comfort of their home where they can relax and enjoy the moment, if they’re feeling horny enough, outdoor or public sex will definitely be on the cards. Wherever they are, we’re just happy we now get to welcome them to Lustery screens!

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