Introducing: Andrew & Mia

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“We have a very fun and interesting relationship and we are constantly together – at home, on the street, everywhere, we even work together,” say the couple who met online about two years ago. “We never quarrel and we joke about each other all the time.” The pair joke about how Mia rebuffed Andrew’s advances at first, only seeming to change her mind about her would-be suitor when he offered her a ride on a cold winter’s day… A week later, they’d shot their first video together and within two weeks they were sharing their blossoming sex life on webcam.

As it turns out, teasing is as integral inside of the bedroom as it is out and lust is as central to their relationship as laughs. They say, “In sex, we like everything: different positions, places, toys, anal, oral, the classics.” Mia’s favorite position is doggy, while Andrew likes cowgirl most. They both love anal (Mia says especially with a vibrator thrown into the mix) and reckon oral sex is the most essential part of their foreplay (Andrew jokes that he’ll take a blowjob anytime).

They say that they’re always open to trying new things during sex, and this has led to not only a massive toy collection (including a few literally massive toys, they tease) but also to a long list of kinks that they enjoy experimenting with, ranging all the way from BDSM to cosplay. “We’re also ready to have sex wherever it is convenient. We’ve tried sex in the cinema, on the beach, in the woods, in the car, in all possible rooms, in the fitting room, in the entrance, on the street, in the park, on the train, and even on the plane once…”

The next place they’re getting it on? Right here on Lustery!

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