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Introducing: Andrei and Elin

While Andrei might have first thought she was a dude, Elin jokes, he was willing to fly to the Czech Republic to find out for certain…

May 30, 2022

So begins the love story between Romanian Andrei and Swedish Elin, the opening chapter mostly written between the bedsheets in their Prague hotel room, where they fucked so much that they almost didn’t manage to do all the paperwork for Elin to move out of the country. Plus, there was the fact that Andrei risked his job! As they explain it, Andrei was in the probation period for a new job and called his boss from Czech Republic to tell him that unfortunately he wouldn’t show up anytime soon, as he had to dash to pick up a girl. “Needless to say, his boss was stunned, but surprisingly enough didn't fire him.” And, after a meeting like that, Elin naturally decided to hang onto him too.

Six years have passed since then and, just like they did in that hotel room, the pair say that they’ve spent just about every moment together. “And we still get along great!” they say. “We comfort each other through rough times, we argue every now and then but we always learn something from it to avoid these unpleasant talks in the future.”

The playful twosome boast a sex life “full of toys” and reckon they fuck at least twice a day, usually cuddly and lazy morning sex to start the day and, later, afternoon sex on the floor in the sun. Andrei loves when Elin rides him on the side of the bed (he never fails to mention the “magnificent” view he gets in this position), while Elin adores some fast and rough doggy style or taking it from behind bent over kitchen counter. Andrei likes to be slapped and scratched, and Elin love to use her dancing pole to “tease the fuck out of him” – and then use that same pole to help support some more interesting positions. And they both love their Bad Dragon dildos!

Recording themselves during sex is something they’ve always enjoyed, and the pandemic was the catalyst for not just more filming but sharing too. We can’t wait to see more of what they have to share right here on Lustery!