Introducing: Anaïs & Chris

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A love for cosplay and making porn together are among French pair Chris and Anaïs’ favourite kinks.

When they first met through a mutual friend four years ago, it wasn’t immediately clear just how important a role they’d end up playing in each other’s lives (even if Chris jokes that for him it was love at first sight). “But after a few months of seeing and talking to each other regularly, we decided to take the plunge despite the age difference between us,” they say.

However, what’s important for this mischievous match are their similarities and not their differences. “In everyday life, we are very close friends, we laugh and we share a lot of things in common, like photography, editing and gaming, to name a few.”

They also have an intense sex life that sees them fucking most days and sharing more than a few wickedly sexy kinks and fetishes, including “foot fetish, ass, thigh highs and, of course, cosplay”. As they explain, “Being able to play characters sexier than each other is very exciting – even the preparation itself, to make them a little more ‘porn’, is already exciting.”

Most days, they say, they will wake up in the spoon position with Chris rubbing his cock against Anaïs’ buttocks, so turning her on… and that’s how it starts. Chris loves eating her lover’s beautiful ass and blowjobs, (“I love how she sucks my dick,” he says), while Anaïs says her favourite sex act is riding Chris’s big cock. “Little spoon and doggystyle are our favourite positions,” they say, sagely adding that it’s all good sex if you don't force it.

They reckon making porn together has been their most exciting adventure together yet – even generating more spark than the time they fucked during a fireworks display on a trip to the south of France. Catch their chemistry in action in their pleasure-packed Lustery debut and you’ll see why…