Introducing: Ana and Antony

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Ana, a Brazilian, and Antony, from Belgium, were both traveling at the time when their paths crossed – and irrevocably so. As they describe their meeting, Tony was sitting on the rooftop of the hostel while Ana, who’d just checked in, was being shown the facilities. She passed Tony and their eyes immediately met. Later that night they started flirting next to the pool only to be interrupted by another guest who told them what a beautiful couple they were. “The next day, yes, we were a couple,” they laugh.

The couple say that they’ve spent most of the year since they met seeing each other whenever they can – tough to navigate with covid travel restrictions but always worth it. They say, “Our relationship is amazing! It’s the first time that Tony can speak about anything to his partner: sex, other women, deep feelings, etcetera, and we understand each other very well despite the cultural difference.”

Because long distances mean they often have to wait to see each other, when they do sex is always a priority. “The first days after we see each other again we’ll be having sex up to four times a day. After a few days, we’ll get a bit of a routine but we still fuck every day.” They both have their own ways of asking for it too: when Ana wants sex, she starts kissing Tony's neck, directing her bum towards his dick, and rubbing on it. And when Tony is in the mood, he’ll always start off by playing with Ana’s pussy.

They’ve also managed to awaken some new kinks in each other, despite the stretches apart. Case in point? Ana has always liked to have her feet caressed and sucked. Tony didn't have this fetish before, but Ana has the most beautiful feet he’s ever seen, so now he always plays with and sucks them. And now that they’re recording their most intimate moments to share with Lustery, who knows that these fiery lovers will try next?

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