Introducing: Alice & Andy

Category: Couple News

Alice and Andy have an amazing sex life. That’s the word they chose to describe it, and from viewing their first video for Lustery, we’d have to agree!

Alice and Andy met online, on a BDSM themed forum. It was a perfect match! They live in a 24/7 BDSM relationship now, where Andy is Alice's master…

Recently, they have opened up their relationship to a third, Gaja, whom they met at a party with other polyamorous friends. While Alice and Gaja have sex more frequently, Andy joins in every few weeks. Alice loves to be dominant with Gaja, who is less the classical BDSM “slave” and more of a “brat.” When Andy is present, he enjoys when Alice guides Gaja to be his sexual slave. Their strangest experience as a threesome was when they went to a glory hole, but just ended up fucking each other while the other men watched through the peep holes.

Podcast Transcript: