Introducing: Alex & Magnus

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Alex and Magnus first met at a music festival in 2006 but didn’t properly connect until some time after. Ten years later, they are enjoying a wonderfully monogamish relationship full of the best sex either has ever experienced. 

Their craziest sexual experience occurred at a sex party where the charming Australians fucked each other silly in a dark room illuminated by the light of dozens of flashlights directed at their bed.

Alex and Magnus met at a music festival in 2006 and were in the periphery of each other’s friend circles for some time before they properly hung out. Once they did, however, they realized they had an incredible connection and have never looked back, having just celebrated their ten-year anniversary!

The charming Australians have sex as often as their lives permit (and sometimes when it doesn’t, causing them to be occasionally late for work!) They consider each other the best sexual partner either one has ever had, and their sex life never gets boring. Magnus likes dominance while Alex thoroughly enjoys submission, which works out nicely for everyone!

Perhaps their best sexual experience occurred in the back room of a sex party that was pitch black other than a basket full of flashlights. Magnus led Alex to the bed and—illuminated by the beams of dozens of torches—stripped her naked, enjoyed a blowjob and then fucked her doggy style (their favorite position) until he came inside her.

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