Introducing: Aisley & Dream

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Aisley and Dream were physically on opposite coasts when they first connected, Dream in New York with a new partner and Aisley in California with one of her boyfriends. Dream had posted in a poly group on Facebook and Aisley had commented. They decided to meet for a breakfast date when they both got back to Kansas City. “It was one of those dates where the servers felt like they had to ask permission to break the energy and take our orders,” they say. “It went so well that we had a second date later that night and we’ve been creating love together ever since.”

Describing themselves as “a polyamorous, interracial couple with a 20-year age gap”, they say, “Our love is transcendent intentional. We are both focused on conscious sacred Eros and energy exchange. It is paramount for us to understand the opportunity to utilize our desire and sexuality to go beyond. We are here to create love and show a healthy and expansive way to connect with ourselves and each other.”

Although they’ve only been together a few months, they say that it feels longer and that they’ve experienced a lot of growth in a short amount of time. They even had Aisley’s first dungeon experience together! As they explain, Aisley was feeling it all: excitement, wonder, fear, disgust, arousal. “We stuck with the group for a while as she warmed up to the environment. Finally, we ended up in the billiards room. After a couple of games, we headed over to the couch and started undressing each other. A couple of other people came in to shoot some pool, politely acknowledged us and nonverbally asked if it was cool to come in. We motioned them in.

Aisley was obviously a little nervous but also turned on. As we continued making love, we simultaneously were having a great conversation with a couple of the cute billiards players. Another first!”The couple say that they love any environment where they can “create a safe love web to explore the edges of our desire with as many sexy people as we desire”. And when it comes to the online ‘web’, we reckon they’ll find exactly that in Lustery

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