In Heat (Part 2)

Category: Erotica

Author: Jo Goforth

Missed the foreplay? Find out how it all started in In Heat (Part 1)

Florencia groans loud enough to rouse the whole street, much to Jacquotte’s pleasure. She props a leg up over Jac’s shoulder and rolls forward burying those fingers deep inside her. Hoarsely, Jac laughs against her, “We’re gonna have a hell of an audience if you keep on like that.”

“I don’t give a fuck. Do you?”

“Fuck no,” Jac breathes before leaning in with renewed vigor. She rocks her fingers in and out of her. She licks and rolls her tongue along Florencia’s clit. Sucks her into her mouth, runs a hint of teeth along the nub. Ducking down, she runs the flat breadth of her tongue against her folds before going back to her clit, flicking fast against it. Jac’s fingers speed up and curl inside Florencia.

“Just like that, yes, fuck yes!” Florencia breathes out, her body moving of its own accord, fucking the Captain’s face. “Another! Get another inside me,” she half-commands, half-pleads. Nothing of concern to her but the end result. “Come on, Captain, fuck me like you mean it.”

Jac does as she is told, sinking another finger into Florencia,

Florencia pulls at her hair sharply as Jac bites at her thighs. Whines spill out of Florencia’s mouth. Small aborted laughs escape her, her chest is heaving with shuddering breaths. All of this is accounted for by Jacquotte; each stored away for time at sea. Jac turns to mouth at the wound on her soft skin and notices a group of people halted in their attempt to leave the pub and stumble home.

Jac can’t help herself. She gives them a wink and a grin, encouraging them to watch. She buries her face between Florencia’s thighs, and continues to vigorously fuck the girl. If they’re to have an audience, she knows how to put on a show. She places a palm above Florencia’s nest of hair, putting pressure on her nerves. Her fingers wrap in the short hairs and tugwhile she presses down with the base of her palm. She sends bursts of pain through Florencia and seals her lips over Florencia’s clit, sucking hard. Jac’s other hand rocks forcefully at that ridged spot inside her, while Florencia’s hips move unbidden, her breath stuttering harshly.

And that is it. Florencia’s thighs start to shake, her fingers press Jac ever closer, she bucks fiercely against Jac’s face. Jac does everything in her power to follow her body, to keep laving at her. Her fingers slow down to a sensuous grind, rocking gently against the sensitive parts inside her. Florencia whines long, low and loud, feeling her body spasm from the inside out. Jac’s fingers slip out of her when she sees Florencia gently relax, releasing hiccuped sighs of relief.

Jac slithers up Florencia’s limp body and takes her exhausted mouth in her own. Florencia moans quietly at the taste of her come on Captain Delahaye’s tongue. She pulls back and smilesdirtily, enjoying the sight of the Captain covered in her wet. Florencia takes in Jac’s damp eyelashes, her face bathed in the scent of her. She is every bit the ravenous pirate captain. Florencia lets out a contented noise and smiles as Jac kisses her deeply.

Florencia’s hands fall across Jac’s bulging biceps, down Jac’s sloping back, and pets over her ass feeling how lovely and full it is in her hands. She buries her face in Jac’s neck and sucks a bruise across it, knowing how much the Captain likes the edge of pain. She marvels again at the tone of her skin in the low light of the night. Her brown skin practically glowing with warmth against her own. She bites Jacquotte and revels in the fact that this woman who has taken the lives of so many gives her so much pleasure.

Florencia snakes a hand down Jac’s front and grabs at her crotch, grinding up. Jac moans hotly in her mouth. She’s already so close from making Florencia come undone. The noises Florencia made roused her blood and pooled it in her groin. Now she’s practically squirming under Florencia’s touch. Florencia raises Jac’s thigh and slots it against her leg, a silent prompt to rut against her. A prompt to take her pleasure reckless and undignified. And fuck, if Florencia doesn’t find it so fucking hot.

Jac presses hard against Florencia’s thigh. Florencia meets her, pushing up and into her. Biting her lip, Jac stifles her sounds of pleasure. Florencia nips against her throat, following it by sucking another bruise, just the other side of painful. Florencia gets her hands under Jac’s shirt and tears her fingers down Jacquotte’s back. Florencia’s teeth bite at Jac’s ears, her jaw, her shoulders. She leaves red marks down Jac’s arms as Jac rides her thigh frantically.

Jac can feel the strangers still there, still watching, their eyes hot on her back, hot on her face. The two of them surely make quite a picture, both shameless in their lust and sex. She was sure they could recognize Captain Jacquotte Delahaye, and even if they didn’t, they could make their guesses. She has a reputation that precedes her, and she has cultivated it to her needs. This, take it or leave it, is what she needs, and what she wants.

Florencia’s teeth are sharp, her mouth intoxicating, and her thigh like divine intervention. Jac grinds hard, panting, groaning. Vaguely, she hears Florencia whisper, “Come on, come for me, Captain Delahaye.” Florencia’s hand wraps around Jac’s throat and presses down alongside her request that the woman come. Sinking all her weight against Florencia’s thigh, Jac finally comes like a storm raging with thunder and lightning. Her muscles pulse with it. Her blood sings out as it does after battle. Jacquotte moans into Florencia’s shoulders, lolls her head until she finds Florencia’s mouth, and barely manages to form a kiss. Florencia takes over, directing her, grabbing her ass, holding her steady through the aftershocks. Florencia kisses Jac wetly until she feels Jacquotte is able to command her own limbs again.

When she can, Jac rolls over, back braced against the wall, standing shoulder to shoulder with Florencia. Jacquotte’s breath comes out heavy, her eyes sinking closed. Sweat drips down the back of her neck, beads against her forehead, and sits heavy under her chest. Jac is covered in sweat and the scent of sex. It is heady. Florencia smiles, amused, next to her.

“Until next time, Captain,” she murmurs intimately, the twinkle in her eye coloring her voice, causing Jacquotte’s mouth to lift with a contented, amused, smile.

The last thing Jac feels is a quick peck to her cheek before she is left alone. Jac remains still and breathes in the air, relishing the heaviness of her limbs, before opening her eyes and heading back to her ship.

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