In Heat (part 1)

Category: Erotica

Author: Jo Goforth

Jacquotte’s smile is broad as she arrives at the pub, her blood sings with victory to the tune of the music playing aloud. There’s someone with a recorder, men are singing, and she bursts in with the lines she knows. Her whole body feels like it’s floating, soaking up the energy of the room, augmenting her own very good mood. She sings heartily, wants to drink deeply, and wants to fuck roughly. She leans back and surveys the room. Towards the back she sees what she is looking for. She feels a tease filter through her eyes as she holds the woman’s gaze. She had hoped she would be here tonight. Heat simmers between them before she downs the rest of her drink and heads outside. If her hips sway in temptation as she goes, well, that is entirely on purpose…

The air is warm and wet, the aftertaste of salt and old gunpowder is hovering thick all around. Her nose flares trying to breathe it all in. She savours the thought of the sweat the humid air would bring to her skin with a good fuck. Biting her lip, she can practically feel it. Her skin is already damp, and there’s little she loves more than dripping with exertion from a good fuck in high heat.

She can still hear the song inside and sings along with it quietly, eyes closed, skin thrumming, until she feels a hand land lightly on her shoulder. Her world narrows. A vicious smile slowly takes over her face, eyes still closed. She takes her blade from her hip and trades places with the girl, swiftly, efficiently. Florencia. She pushes Florencia’s back to the wall, places her blade to the woman’s throat. Florencia leans into it, desperately seeking a kiss, but as Jac goes to meet her she pulls away at the last second, scraping her teeth along her throat, licking her way back up. Jacquotte nips at her ear and Florencia’s head tips back with a gasp. “It’s been too long, Jac.”

“The sea is a cruel mistress…” Jac hums lowly against Florencia’s throbbing pulse as it beats against her lips. She runs her tongue along it tasting Florencia’s skin, before continuing. “But the sea’s washed the red away and left me with gold, rum, and a contented crew. So here I am.”

“Mmm, I bet you keep your crew content,” Florencia teases with a sparkle in her eye. A comment she pays for as Jac lands a slap to her ass and a bite to her neck. Jacquotte can see Florencia’s pupils darken and dilate.

“That’s no way to talk to a captain who raises fear with nothing but a swath of black cloth. Impertinent slut. What should we do about that then?”

“I think maybe you should fuck me right here and right now and forget all about it.” Jacquotte makes a considering noise before finally surging forward and kissing her hard. Her tongue wraps around Florencia’s, heavy and thick. She tastes of shit rum and someone else's cum. It sends a tingling down her spine. She wonders how Florencia took him, and if he had made her come too. Pressing against her more firmly, Jac lets the blade fall from her throat and instead runs it lightly along her side, savoring the feeling of Florencia’s body shivering under her own. Her other hand reaches around, grabbing her full ass and squeezes. Florencia’s eyes fall shut and she moans at the feel of Jac’s hand gripping her.

“You like that, huh?”

“Yeah,” Florencia gasps out, seeking Jac’s lips back on her own. Jacquotte gives her what she wants. She sinks her tongue into her desperate mouth. Jac’s hand works at her ass. Her blade runs down between the girl’s legs, nudging them apart. Florencia hisses and spreads wider for her.

“How much have you had to drink?” Jac asks with a chuckle – usually Florencia takes a bit more to be this far gone.

“Just enough,” Florencia breathes out. Florencia attempts to press her hips closer to Jac’s without cutting herself on the blade, so grinding cautiously, searching for anything to press against her. Jac, in turn, runs her blade up and down the inside of her thigh while ducking her head to kiss away sweat from Florencia’s chest. She looks up and, with a tone of command that has Florencia at full attention, says, “Good.”

She pulls at Florencia’s collar, her teeth marking it, bruising it. Jac’s hand on her ass slithers up her back and she digs her hand into the expanse of her shoulders. Florencia’s back arches. Jacquotte’s own blood feels hot, her skin like it’s vibrating. She drops down to her knees and makes a small, purposeful wound to Florencia’s thigh with her blade before sheathing it. Leaning forward Jac runs her tongue along the blood seeping out. Lapping at it Jac moans, the metallic taste bursts in her mouth, a sort of wine making her drunk. A noise spills from Florencia from deep in her chest, and Jac feels her fingers pull at her hair to reflect her pain, reflecting her pleasure.

Splaying her hands along Florencia’s thighs, she raises a hand and smacks her ass before leaning in and broadly stroking her tongue along Florencia’s center. Jacquotte wishes she could be buried in the sharp taste of her; happily laid to rest in the scent of her snatch. She pushes the length of her nose against her, encouraging Florencia to grind as she laps at her folds: broad strokes, pointed attacks, sucking at her, all the while Florencia rolls against her relentlessly. Florencia’s wet is soaking her face, her eyelashes are heavy and sticky with it. Jacquotte can feel her begin to open against her tongue as more wet drips from her. Sensing it, she lets her tongue dip in and exit quickly, teasing Florencia with what she knows she wants. Jac grazes her teeth along Florencia, smirking at her whine of complaint.

“Come on, Jac, fuck me!” she gasps out through gritted teeth. Jac looks up and can see her jaw clenched, can feel where her hands are fisted, buried in Jac’s long hair. Neither of them are in the mood for games, so she looks up and holds the woman’s gaze.

“No more games,” she assures Florencia. She sits back, feeling the tug of Florencia’s hand in her hair, and sticks her hand down her trousers and hums as she strokes inside herself. Florencia’s grip falters in her hair as she realizes that Jac is slicking her fingers with her own wet. Jac lets out a broken moan as she rides them before stopping suddenly, pulling out her fingers, leaning forward, and curling them inside the woman against the wall...

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