I Torture My Boyfriend by Flirting with Other Men

Category: Erotica

Author: Anne Shark

Nik arrived at eight on the dot.

“Fuck,” he said. “You look hot. I’m already suffering…”

He didn’t try to kiss me — he was already intimidated, and tonight, that’s what he wanted.

“Hello, my love,” I said, planting a gentle kiss on his forehead and stroking his cheek. “You look nice too. Is the Uber waiting?”

“Yes,” he stuttered and scrambled down the stairs to open the door for me.

We arrived at the Virgin hotel and ascended to the second floor. It was busy and we had to weave through the crowd to reach the bar. Eyes turned to us as we passed: a six-foot woman in a short, curve-hugging, black dress and hair tumbling in waves down to her mid-back, with an adorable, but clearly younger, boyish man by her side.

By the time we reached the bar, we were already charged by the attention. What was this young, boyish man doing with this woman? And we were going to play right into their confusion.

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“Would you like my seat, Miss?” an older gentleman asked as we squeezed in.

“Aw, thanks. You’re sweet!” I said, taking his stool and crossing my legs deliberately, holding his eyes and smiling.

Nik leaned onto the bar, attempting to get the bartender’s attention. He wasn’t getting it but it gave me the space I needed.

“Where are you from?” I asked, giving the older man a flirty look.

“Napa. I’m here on business bringing some of our new wines to the restaurants in the area.”

“Oh, no way!” I said, delighted to find a common interest. “Do they carry anything here you’d suggest? I like earthy, dry reds.”

“They have a great Pinot. Can I get you a glass?” he asked, glancing at Nik. “And your friend…?”

“Sounds great,” I accepted. “He’ll just have a Pepsi.”

“How are you doing, honey?” I asked.

“I’m okay. You look so beautiful. I know that man is dying to be with you.”

“I know it too, sweetie,” I murmured, leaning as close as I could without betraying the true intimacy between us. “But you know how much I like to fuck older, taller men. Men who really know how to make me feel good.”

The helpless look already spread across Nik’s face grew stronger. If I didn’t know how much he loved feeling this way, I might feel sorry for him.

The drinks arrived and I handed the soda to Nik, winking before turning my attention back to the wine guy.

“Thanks,” I said, accepting the glass of wine. “I’m Anne.”

“Jason,” he replied, taking my extended hand and holding it firmly for a moment.

We chatted easily for over an hour. Nik sat ambiguously by my side, sipping his soda, feeling, I could tell, increasingly jealous.

If Jason wondered about Nik, he didn’t let on. I was calling the shots and, despite how it may have appeared from the outside, so was Nik.

Jason and I continued our flirtation until inevitably our faces, our lips, grew close. Though I was attracted to this man — the 5 o’clock shadow that lined his sharp jawline, the muscles beneath his white, linen shirt — the real heat radiated from Nik’s jealousy. I swear, I could feel his body temperature rising, and it was that energy I poured myself into as I pressed my lips to this stranger’s, slowly feeling his mouth open, his tongue reaching for mine, tasting his wine.

I pulled away, dizzy, blood running hot and fast through my veins. I held Jason’s eyes as I told him, “I have to go.”

“You won’t come up to my room?”

“Perfect,” I said, sliding it into my purse.

I stood to kiss his cheek, whispering, “Enjoy the rest of your night,” into his ear as I ran the tip of my tongue over it.

I took Nik’s hand and we walked out of the bar together. I could feel Jason’s eyes on our backs.

A hand slid up my thigh to feel my panties. “You got so wet for him,” he moaned, lips still locked onto mine.

“I can’t help that he was turning me on.”

“Do you still love me?” he asked, nearly begging.

“I never stopped,” I said, lifting my dress. “I never stopped loving you…”, sliding my panties down… “It’s always for you…”

He hurriedly unzipped his pants, pulling my leg up to his hip and thrusting into me with an urgency that made me gasp.

“Are you going to fuck him?” He was breathing hard.

“I would enjoy it. Would you like to watch?”

“Then I’ll fuck him. And you’ll sit in the corner and watch like a good boy. I’ll fuck him just to see the way you look at me.”

Afterwards, we cleaned ourselves up as well as we could, though the perfect waves had fallen from my hair and lipstick was smeared all over Nik’s mouth.

As we left the stall, Jason was there pulling his coat on. A look of confusion crossed his face as his eyes flicked between us.

“We’ll call you!” I shouted over my shoulder. “If you’re still interested!”

I pulled Nik out onto the street and kissed him again before flagging a cab that would bring us back to home, to bed, where we would no doubt make love again before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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